Children’s Herb Club

Emery Herbals offered the Children’s Herb Club from Spring of 2012 to the Autumn of 2022. It was a hugely rewarding decade spent in community with youngsters learning about the magic and the medicine of the plant world. So many of our herb club attendees have grown up to be plant allies and part of our herbal medicine community. Each of the children having had a seed planted for continuing the innate connection we all hold to the green world.

Children’s Herb Club is now on pause as we usher in the next generation of Herbal Medicine Educators and Practitioners. Stay tuned for future opportunities.


Each seasonal session of Herb Club runs as an eight-week program; growing your children’s experience with herbs in a experiential and accumulative style. Using our five senses as a basis for herb learning, the children experience the magical world of plants from their own unique perspective.

We have a Herb Club Code of inclusiveness and respect for each other. We hold the space in a gentle and positive way to allow the children to thrive and feel supported in their learning process.

Clear expectations and boundaries are set for the children to ensure their experience is safe and nourishing.

Weekly activities include

  • Herb walks in nature
  • Outdoor nature focused games and projects
  • Herbal medicine preparations
  • Craft projects using natural and/or reclaimed materials
  • Reading folklore tales
  • Working in our Materia Medica herb journals
  • Circle sharing time
  • Indoor Herb Games
  • Fairy House Creation
  • Botany and Plant Pressing

Class enrolment is limited to 8 children per session and is suitable for children ages 5 and up. Children need to know how to tie their own shoes and dress themselves to go outside.

Children’s Herb Club has a strong emphasis on medicine making and working directly with herbals in the kitchen.

This program is best suited to those children who are comfortable to be outside in all types of weather, like to make potions, play boardgames, drink herbal teas, share and hear stories, craft with wool and natural fibres and more!