CSW stands for Community Supported Wellness and is based on many of the same principles as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Our CSW program meets the mandates of Emery Herbals:

Providing open access to consciously sourced botanicals, professional health services and empowering education experiences that encourage and cultivate sustained wellness.

2021 will mark the seventh year of offering this dynamic program to both our local community as well as distance clients. Gathering your health care through continuous intentional support allows for  thorough, ethical and reliable access that builds resilient wellness. Some of our shareholders have been with us since the start of this program, benefitting from the unique access point to their healthcare. Investing in a one time fee per year they reap the rewards of in season abundance and support throughout the year.

Through the CSW program you will gain access to the herbal medicines necessary to encourage foundational wellness as well as the herbal education component designed to provide the tools needed to create the medicines yourself all within a sustainable, local, seasonal approach using the highest quality herbs, tinctures and essential oil products.

7 Medicines

At the start of each season, beginning with Spring, you meet with Colleen Emery, whether on the phone, online or in person, to determine you and/or your family’s unique health needs. From this consultation 7 custom medicines are created with you and your family in mind. Working with what is abundant and available during each season Colleen will prepare you medicines with a seasonal wellness approach. Many of the medicines created for the Community Supported Wellness Program shareholders are not typically available in the Botanical Dispensary, unique to the program.

Learning Bundle

Along with your medicines comes home a learning bundle that helps grow and deepen your connection with the herb world. Every season we deepen our herb knowledge by immersing into the medicine of a Herb. A portion of the Herb, fresh when possible arrives home in your bundle along with a thorough write up from Colleen, recipes and instructions for us, plus supplies to create unique medicines with the herb.


We include many extras throughout the program as well.


Enrolment for the 2021 program begins in January of 2021 with 7 Medicine Shares available.

We also offer seasonal share upon availability.