All children have an innate, deep, meaningful and instinctual relationship with the natural world. A Child’s desire is to connect with nature through their senses, experiential play and discovery. When a child is offered access to continuous connection to the natural world from conception to birth and throughout their lives, their overall health has a true advantage in finding balance and strength.

Colleen Emery began teaching parents and caregivers how to implement herbal medicine for children in 2003 when she created the Home Herbal Helper. This dynamic, early workshop offering provided the skills needed to strengthen the immune system function and create strong foundational wellness and vitality for the whole family by utilizing safe and effective measures of plant medicine.

In the years to come Colleen’s Herbal Medicine practice grew, broadening to include all ages of care from fertility and prenatal care all the way to elder care and her program offerings reflected this by growing to include intensive programming designed to guide and educate future herbal practitioners.

In 2019, Colleen felt compelled to return to her roots of children’s herbal medicine and create a user friendly workshop that encompassed not only traditional use of herbs alongside scientific research for children’s wellness but also her years of clinical practice and utilizing herbal medicine for young folks in all circumstances.

In this comprehensive, four hour workshop, parents and caregivers will be given the tools and information needed to feel confident to implement plant medicine for their children. Whether you have a new born infant or you have a teen with more involved needs this workshop is designed to offer a template on how to view a growing child in relation to using herbal medicine for their wellness.

All children can be given the opportunity to strengthen their relationship to the natural world by utilizing herbal medicine from an early age.

In the words of Rosemary Gladstar “ What one learns to know and love as a child is often what is treasured most as an adult.”

Understanding how to administer herbal medicine to children, to teach and guide children to make connections with herbs and develop allies and relationships with the plants is key to encouraging respect for the natural world and holistic health and herbalism in general.

Including herbal medicine for children involves understanding several aspects including:

1) Safety and Bioavailability of Herbs in Children; Risks and Precautions
2) How to Determine a Child’s Dosage
3) Routes of Administration & Child Friendly Herbal Preparations
4) Child Friendly Materia Medica
5) Recipes and Formulations

During the hands-on portion of this class we will prepare herbal recipes and learn about the herb allies to have on hand for the little ones in our lives. This class is for those who wish to be more autonomous with their herbal medicine making in relation to children as well as practitioners who see children in practice.

Stay Tuned for the next instalment of this workshop in the local Winlaw area.

Join Colleen at the Canadian Herb Conference in November for the next presentation of this workshop.