Foundational Health: Tools for Resilience 

Now more than ever is a time where we all need a bit more support for our health, taking time to include the tools we know that will bring about strong health and prevent potential cold and flu infections from occurring.

Understanding how to stay healthy in our complex world can be challenging and in these times has become increasingly more difficult to navigate. Knowing what to include, what is useful and what may not be beneficial has become more and more confusing to interpret.

Adding to this confusion is the ever widening division in perspective witnessed in our collective communities today.

Come back to the basics. 

Lean into the tangible tools we all inherently understand and trust.

Incorporating simple, easy to access herbal and aromatic medicine and lifestyle supports will emphasize foundational health and result in resilience and flexibility. Resilience allows us all to adapt to changes in our environments and the dynamic nature of our world today.

Herbal and Aromatic Medicine support is unique in that it treats each person individually, acknowledging the wisdom and strength the person holds in their health.

Yes, you have within you the ability to prevent illness, stay well and be strong throughout the year.

Within this 4 hour workshop you will learn: 

  • The 10 Foundations of Preventative Wellness
  • Herbal and Aromatic Medicines for Preventative Health.
  • The Energy & Quality of Illness and Infection.
  • Herbal and Aromatic Medicine Supports for Acute Concerns.

There will be a Q & A period following the workshop presentation, bring your questions. All are welcome.


The next offering of this workshop is TBA 

Time: 4 Hours

Place: Onsite in the Winlaw Teaching Centre and Online in the Emery Herbals Student Classroom

Workshop Fee: $40 plus GST

This workshop is offered with onsite registration and online enrolment.  All workshop attendees will receive downloadable access to class materials and access to rewatch the recording of the live class.

Colleen Emery, Cl.H, RHT (BCHA), began teaching workshops emphasizing the importance of foundational health in 2003. Since, she has gone on to teach to hundreds of folks the key principles to maintaining strong health through including herbal and aromatic medicine, lifestyle and nutritional adjustments to bring resilience, allowing for a greater ability to adapt to the dynamic nature of modern human life.