Our mentorship program has been created through over 15  years of engaging and involving Herbalists of all levels in the organization and development of many of our programs, dispensary offerings, and online opportunities.

Colleen Emery has a diverse and multi-faceted practice that encompasses several approaches to Herbalism including Traditional Western Herbalism, Vitalism, Ayurveda, & TCM.

Colleen also offers mentorship within the field of Clinical Aromatherapy, Iridology, Kinesiology, Medicine Making and Formulation as well as Holistic Business Management.

She is not accepting mentorship requests for product development at this time.


One Monthly Mentoring Package is available per month. Confirm your spot by completing the online purchase through the shopping cart, please select program/workshop registration to avoid shipping fees.

Prior to your mentorship appointments you will be asked to detail your needs for learning utilizing our comprehensive questionnaire. Forms are submitted within one week of your first time slot to allow for Colleen to prepare effectively.

Colleen then prepares a timetable and curriculum for your mentoring sessions that is unique to you. This is emailed to you for confirmation. Then, you and Colleen meet at your organized times, share a cup of tea and get started at digging into your herbal questions, student needs etc!

Our Mentorship program has one opening per month for a weekly, one-hour mentoring session on Thursday afternoon. Total cost of the monthly program is $175 plus applicable taxes.


Please reserve your space by completing the online registration in the online apothecary.