Aromatic Medicine: The Art of Aromatherapy Program Immersion  is a synergy of science and magic, delivering the valuable information needed to engage with this powerful medicine with ethical and compassionate energy.

The volatile components of botanicals have a fragrant aromatic influence on holistic wellness. Extracting these phytochemical molecules creates what is known as essential oils as well as other byproducts such as hydrolats. Essential oils are the highly concentrated distillates of certain herbs, woods, barks, flowers and resins and hence demand our respect when we use them for healing.

Essential oil extractions are not the only way in which we can experience the aromatic medicine benefits that plants have to offer. Working with whole plant aromatic medicine brings an ethical lens to this often concerning industry. Our program is committed to providing a balanced holistic viewpoint into the world of Aromatic Medicine.

Program Dates and Information:

Aromatic Medicine: The Art of Aromatherapy Program Immersion is a 60 hour program.  We meet for a total of 8 classes  and move through an experiential education journey through all aspects of aromatic medicine. Meeting once per month allows the student of this program the necessary space and time to integrate the learned content before arriving at the next class to layer the experience.

Ideal for Practitioners who wish to include essential oils in their practice, this program is for anyone who works with essential oils, professionally or for personal use. Students who wish to gain a completion certificate / continuing education credits are required to submit a final paper and 3 applicable case studies for review within 12 weeks of finishing the course.

Curriculum Includes:

  • Essential Oil Production (including a field trip to a local producer, and/or distillation demo on site)
  • Safety/Precautions/Usage/Ethics
  • History
  • Olfaction, Sensory Integration and Aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy approaches: Theoretical and Philosophical Approach
  • Phyto-Chemistry Chemotypes
  • Routes of Administration and Dosage
  • Hydrosols/Carrier Oils and Adjuncts
  • Building a Therapeutic Essential Oil kit for practice
  • Purchasing Essential Oils: Ethics and Safety
  • Blending Synthesis and Formulation

Next Program Dates: 

September 2023 – May, 2024. Registration will open in July of 2023.


Included in the Cost of the Program

  • Over 60 hours of in-classroom instruction
  • All supplies including a comprehensive blending kit of 25 essential oils housed in a wooden box.
  • A spiral bound hard copy of the Materia Medica for the program
  • Downloadable access to all course materials and powerpoint presentations.
  • Access to the rewatch of all classroom sessions post program.
  • 10% off purchases in the Botanical Dispensary from time of enrolment to completion of program


Total Investment for the program is $1575 plus GST. Payment plans are available.

Aromatic Medicine: The Art of Aromatherapy Program Immersion  offers both onsite, in person registration as well as online access through our online classroom. All classes are streamed in realtime and are interactive.

Please contact our Emery Herbals Teaching Centre: for more details.

I recently completed the Essential oil intensive class with Colleen. I left the course with a strong understanding of essential oils, what part of the plant they come from and how they are produced, as well as safe use, ethical purchase and how to make my own creations and blend them. I was extremely pleased with the course content, how it was presented and Colleen’s generosity with supplies and information. She has a thorough knowledge of her craft and I would not hesitate to recommend her programs. I look forward to doing more classes with her in the future!
Jessica Whitley R. TCM. P 
Registered Acupuncturist, 
Registered Chinese Herbalist
Retired RMT