Moriah Johnston

Moriah Johnston

Senior Apprentice

Moriah’s curiosity as guidance gently affirms each step towards timeless learning about plants as medicine and nourishment.

Living life in the mountains surrounds her with immense natural beauty and experiential abundance of the seasons.

Her apprenticeship began at Emery Herbals in 2015.

Herb Club listened to her inner child revealing stepping stones: listening with all the senses, befriending a herb a month, creating medicines and having fun with kids.

Holistic Herbalism class of 2016 challenged her to be open minded 360 degrees.

Listening and seeing through fascinating lenses of herbal language, various healing modalities

and interconnected body systems will be integrated through life.

The Aromatherapy workshop offered aromatic inspiration and creative precision to keep discovering and healing.

She is happy and grateful to live in the present and be connected to Mother Earth.