And life continues…

And life continues…
September 6, 2011 Colleen Emery

Wow, we made it. We are here and we are living our life. I wake up in the morning and roll over and look out my window to the view of the mountains, the trees, the birds, squirrels, the sound of the tree frog in the yurt wall. To the yurt cat, Puss Puss, lying fondly on my chest, purring loudly waiting to be fed.

Life is so radically different here and yet so very much the same. Same people, radically different back drop. Finishing each afternoon with a bike ride to the local beach, meeting a new friend or two every day, catching up with old friends, chopping wood, charging batteries for power, chatting with neighbours about bear sightings, trying to get all tasks accomplished before the sun goes down, well, these things remind me, we are really are here. Wow.

I promise to update with lots of pictures and details this week. So much to share with you all, where to start!

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