And now for something completely different…

And now for something completely different…
July 29, 2011 Colleen Emery

For those that know me ‘in real life’ know that in my core I am a rocker. A tried and true hard rocking herbalist. I don’t often listen to the harder music anymore, only when I am working out at the gym at 5 AM or cleaning the bathroom. But, this music holds a special place in my heart and Wednesday night I got to see one of my all time favourite bands. To top it off Husband and I were on the floor, second row, just off to the edge of the mosh pit. Oh its been years since I moshed proper and to be this close to one again was intense to say the least. I lasted 6 songs into a 23 song set that close to the stage before I had to move out toward the back but boy was it fun. Husband and I danced and screamed until we were hoarse. I am still smiling today.

They even played my most favourite song of all time.

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