Dispensary or Apothecary?

The word ‘apothecary’ is derived from apotheca, meaning a place where wine, spices and herbs were stored. During the thirteenth century it came into use in this country to describe a person who kept a stock of these commodities, which one sold from their shop or street stall.

In our time, in the province of British Columbia, the word Apothecary is owned by the BC College of Pharmacists. Only those with membership in this College are allowed to use “Apothecary” to name a physical space or business.

Emery Herbals Botanical Dispensary has a high standard for the herbs they put on their shelves. Our policy is to provide only the purest available, ethically sourced, organic and/or sustainably wild-harvested Herbs. Herbs that have a potential for a higher toxic load are brought in with the appropriate third party testing paperwork to ensure they comply with our high quality medicinal standards. The vast library of herbs includes Western herbs, many Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. Inventory lists can be found further down this page.

The Tinctures available at Emery Herbals are bio-dynamically prepared on site from the same high quality herbs by Colleen Emery, RHT (CHAofBC) and her senior Apprentices using 100% organic, pharmaceutical cane alcohol through either a maceration or percolation technique.

Our Botanical Dispensary also offers a large library of ethically sourced, pure, high quality Essential Oils from all over the world, as well as proprietary blends by Colleen Emery. With a background in Clinical Aromatherapy you can be assured that Colleen is stocking only the purest, ethically sourced essential oils available on the market.

Emery Herbals Dispensary provides formulating, compounding and dispensing services for our client base, community members as well as local and distance Practitioners. If you are a Practitioner who wishes to utilize our services please contact Colleen


Emery Herbals Botanical Dispensary houses a diverse, East West focused inventory of Raw Herbs, Tinctures and Essential Oils. All products are subject to seasonal and market availability.





A wonderful part about working and living in the West Kootenays is the access to local artisans and their incredible work.

Our Botanical Dispensary also showcases the work of several local artists including:

Bubzee Art  

Chamela Giri 

Mythopoeic Pottery

Claybrick Pottery

Communion Botanicals 

Vanessa Bates

Robin Dupont

Handwoven baskets by Sharon Block and Lynnda Moore

Brandy Erin dreamtolife