City Bound

City Bound
February 27, 2013 Colleen Emery

Its been twenty months since we began our Yurt¬† adventure, which means we have lived out here in rural BC for twenty months. This means, for me, that I have been out of a city for almost 2 years. I haven’t been back to the hustle and bustle since we left. I thought I would have been back more frequently but the call to really submerge myself into the forest, the trees, the plants, the mycology, was just too strong. I love that I live where there are no street lights, there is very little pavement, that the community tucks in for the night as the sun is setting. The lifestyle is the richest I have lived in my life, I am full up with love and gratitude for this amazing earth.

I realized that it was going to take a lot to pull me out of this reality if I was ever to travel to the city again. Well, my great friends at Square Knot Cooperative have done just that. It all started with a spontaneous visit from Lauren and Rob this summer, where over a glass of organic beer and local cuisine, we started conceptualizing what could be. Come the new year the idea had fleshed out into a plan and before I knew it I was setting my agenda for a trip to the big ole City.

The Workshops I am due to teach are so dynamic, fun and full of such practical, usable information! I would love to see some familiar faces at the events so check out the link and see if I can tempt you. I promise to bring some mountain energy your way in the process!

Details at Square Knot Cooperative 

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