What is Community Supported Wellness?

CSW stands for Community Supported Wellness and is based on many of the same principles as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).
At the start of each season, beginning with Spring, you meet with Colleen Emery, whether on the phone, online or in person, to determine your unique health needs.
From this consultation 7 custom medicines are created with you and your family in mind. Along with your medicines comes home a learning bundle that helps grow and deepen your connection with the herb world. We include many extras throughout the program as well. 2017 includes an acupuncture treatment, iridology reading, free shipping and more.
Through the CSW program you will gain access to the herbal medicines necessary to encourage foundational wellness as well as the herbal education component designed to provide the tools needed to create the medicines yourself all within a sustainable, local, seasonal approach using the highest quality herbs, tinctures and essential oil products.
Emery Herbals offers open access to holistic medicine and education, empowering individuals and families to take charge of their Wellness.

The CSW program each Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter include:

Health & Wellness Consultation with Master Herbalist, Colleen Emery

A custom consultation will be conducted every season to touch base and see how things are going not only for you, but for your family members too if this applies. Colleen can conduct your consult on the phone, online or in person.

Receive support from Colleen Emery, Master Herbalist, to discuss your personal health picture and identify strategies that will help you build your foundational wellness. The information gathered will be used to help Colleen formulate your medicines throughout the CSW

Value: $ 75

7 Herbal Medicines

At Emery Herbals we have access to a wide variety of high quality, locally grown and/or sustainably wild harvested herbs. Using these resources we will create a variety of medicines ready to support your wellness through a seasonal approach. 

You can look forward to receiving tinctures, oxymels, glycerites, salves, creams, essential oil blends, infusion and decoction blends and so much more. Each medicine arrives with the necessary instructions and dosage suggestions. 

Your formulations, herbs and medicines are determined by you with the assistance of Colleen. Perhaps you need to stock your herb pantry or are looking for a bulk amount of one herb. Maybe you need a custom formula to assist you with a health concern. Whatever your needs and/or wants are they will be met with care, attention and consideration. 

Value: $ 250

Herbal Learning Bundle & Medicine Making Project

Each seasonal package will include a herbal learning bundle. Within this bundle will be a detailed information sheet about a herb, a quantity of the herb (fresh when possible) with the supplies and instructions to create a medicine from this herb.

Value: $ 50

Extras & Bonuses for 2017

Acupuncture Treatment: 2017 Full Year Program Participants will be given a free Acupuncture Treatment with Brendan Murray-Nellis R.Ac of Raven Acupuncture. Integrated Health Support provides the holistic care needed for optimum wellness. Brendan and Colleen will collaborate regarding your wellness, furthering the effectiveness of your formulations and program.  Value: $75 

Iridology Imaging & Reading: 2017 Full Year Program Participants will be given the option to have an Iridology Imaging and Reading at the start of the program in Spring as well as at the conclusion of the program in December to view and see the thumbprint of their wellness. This can be conducted for distance clients as well. Value $75

FREE shipping and Surprise Additions for Distance Clients: 2017 Full Year Program Participants that are not in the West Kootenay region will receive free shipping on all their packages as well as extra bonus surprises throughout the year. Value $75

Value: $ 150

How Do I Join the Herbal CSW?

Your first step is to decide if you would like to sign up for the Full Four Season CSW or order each season individually. Each season has 20 available shares. The Full Four Season CSW has share priority and individual season shares are subject to availability.

The next step is to Contact Colleen to obtain your enrolment paperwork and arrange payment details.

Membership is limited to 20 shares in total for each season. Priority space is given to those in the year-long program.  The 2017 Four Season Share Program is open for enrolment until March 15, 2017. Seasonal Shares, when available, are first come first serve. 

 Choose from the following CSW packages:

The Full Four Season CSW

7 Custom Medicines, Health & Wellness Consultation, Herbal Learning Bundle & Medicine Making Project, Extras and Bonuses including Free Shipping, Acupuncture Treatment and Iridology Imaging.

Investment: $600*  for the full Four Season Share

*plus applicable taxes   (Retail Value: $1650.00)

Individual Season Share

7 Custom Medicines, Health & Wellness Consultation, Herbal Learning Bundle & Medicine Making Project.

Investment: $225*  for Individual Season Share

*plus applicable taxes and shipping fees  (Retail Value: $375.00)