Exciting News!

Exciting News!
April 15, 2013 Colleen Emery

Do you know when you have something so exciting to share that its hard to figure out where to start? This is definitely one of those moments.

As most of you know I have been a practicing Master Herbalist for 10 years, most of it spent as a WAHM. After moving to the rural mountains almost 2 years ago, I opened up a space in ‘Downtown Winlaw’. It is part Dispensary/Shop, part apprenticeship training space, part workshop space, part client consultation space, part herb club ‘club house’. Many parts into the whole of what Emery Herbals is. Now, over a year later, my space has become a bit teeny for all that I need to do.

Up until December of 2012 I had a wonderful neighbour in the ‘Gardens’ (the name our landlord prefers over ‘mini-mall’). Sadly for us, but happily for her, Jenny somewhat retired* and closed her shop on Christmas Eve, leaving her lovely shop vacant.

All through the winter I wondered who would rent Jennie’s shop. Such a beautiful space, such great light, so many awesome shelves, a lovely front door, wide open space in the joining suite. Who would take this awesome space? I had a dream, a daydream, that wouldn’t it be awesome to move my shop there and have treatment space in the adjoining area? Ah, such a dream, back to work and I let it go.

Fast forward to my acupuncture treatment sometime in Mid February. My Acupuncturist, Ben, asks me if I ever dream. I say yes, I dream quite frequently. He says, so does he, particularly lately about an dispensary with a treatment space.

Cue the synchronistic soundtrack music.

And the concept began. We have been conceptualizing ever since.

So excited to share that I am moving my shop to Jenny’s old space, Ben is moving his practice to the next, joining space. I am going to keep the space I am in right now for all those other things I do. I am just elated at this development. As I have posted I am in the process of upgrading my education which involves re-training with an eastern focus. What an incredible opportunity that I will be spending my time blending formulas for someone already practicing in this modality.

So this is it! This is my news, I am moving my shop this weekend, Ben follows suit later in May.  Grateful to be here, grateful for this journey.

*Jennie’s shop may be closed but Jennie will special order in books for those looking. Interested? Contact me and I will give you the details.