Life is Beautiful.

Life is Beautiful.
October 13, 2011 Colleen Emery

Its been a long time since I updated, I know. Life is just flowing and has been a ride of our lives since arriving here. There is simply so much to share I really don’t know where to start so I will start with the latest news.

As most of you know we moved out here without employment. After years of thinking we needed work before we moved we finally decided to move and see where we would land. I have my business and I relocated it to the area but Husband has only ever dabbled in his business mostly doing side jobs when he had the time.

Upon arriving Husband already had work in his business thanks to a local electrician moving on and passing off work to him. I also immediately starting working in my business with orders being placed at the beach, at the cafe, through friends locally and my loyal city friends who have continued with me. Then, amazingly, a healing clinic asked me to create a product line for them and create some custom blends for some of their clients. For the last month, every week they have called and placed an order with me and each week I travel to the little city south of here and deliver the goods to the lovely healing clinic.

Yesterday when I arrived the women were very excited to see me and pulled me aside and offered me a space at the clinic to practice! I was so amazed I was speechless at first and then it dawned on me, this is one of my career goals transpiring right before my eyes! In fact in the middle of my vision board I have a section dedicated to this very item.

Life is truly beautiful. My heart is singing with gratitude for this opportunity.

On another note: I promise to post a whole lot of pictures in the next day, we have been busy snapping away. Lots of photos to share, life at the yurt has been very rewarding and so enchanting.