Matcha, Warm Dream Blankets, Quiet Time.

Matcha, Warm Dream Blankets, Quiet Time.
February 19, 2011 Colleen Emery

I used to be a die hard coffee drinker in my other life. You know, the life before kids. At one point I was even a drip coffee drinker, Edwards coffee I believe was my brand. Then I moved on to the french press and then to the stove top espresso maker. Then on to adrenal fatigue. So, just before the Pickle was born I turfed the coffee and became a green tea drinker. I love love love my morning beverage. It is the moment where all clarity is found for me. It is the one moment I take, everyday, no matter what is happening that day. Its the 10 minutes of solitude that sets me up for a peaceful day.

This morning was so quiet; sleepy world out there in this -25 C weather. I wrapped my blanket still full of my dreams around my shoulders and sunk into the aroma steaming off of my mug and found my clarity. The truest sense of gratitude unfolded itself. What a blessed life I live to be able to start my day in such bliss.

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