Muscles, Laughing, Deep Breathing.

Muscles, Laughing, Deep Breathing.
March 9, 2011 Colleen Emery

So last week, somehow, I pulled the intercostal muscles of my ribcage. I have no idea how I did this. When I went to the Chiropractor he told me that this is an injury that he sees in football and rugby players. Hmmm. Haven’t been playing those sports lately… Every single time I take a breath I am reminded of this injury. Every time I laugh I get a pain that is so shocking I feel like I am being electrocuted. Well, maybe thats a bit dramatic but still it hurts!!

Through this I am suddenly aware of how much I laugh. I laugh a lot. Like, every 5 minutes on average. I am also a very deep breath taker. I didn’t know I was. Honestly, I thought I was a shallow breather, but no, through this injury I am suddenly aware that I breathe deeply, all the way to the bottom of the lung kind of deeply. Usually after I have a stomach hurting laugh.

I am super grateful to be able to know these things. Things I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t, somehow, hurt myself. Muscles, they are so important, they hold us in and support us like a good pair of hose but better. I am grateful today for my physical self.

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