Offerings at the Healing Suites

Offerings at the Healing Suites
November 27, 2018 Colleen Emery


Adjacent to Botanical Dispensary in the heart of Winlaw is the Emery Herbals Healing Suites. Providing access to professional health services that cultivate holistic wellness, the Healing Suites offer a dynamic array of Practitioners specializing in a variety of modalities. The warm and inviting space offers opportunity to access professional health services without travelling into the larger centers of the Kootenays. The Healing Suites is also committed to providing a space that is WIFI free and uses only wired technology in an effort to offer an option for those who are EMF and EMR sensitive.

The Practitioners of the Healing Suites offer a wide range of health services including Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Herbal & Aromatic Medicine, Counselling, Energy Medicine, Acupuncture, NAET and more. Read on for details of each Practitioner who provide health services in the Healing Suites at Emery Herbals.

Colleen Emery founded Emery Herbals in 2003, relocating the business to the Winlaw in 2011.  Educated and experienced in both Eastern and Western focused Herbal Medicine and Clinical Aromatherapy, Colleen Emery specializes in Family Wellness including pre and postnatal care and Eldercare, providing affordable access for all ages. Offering Iridology based health consultations that are aimed at delivering practical strategies, Colleen’s focus is working with people not symptoms, building strong foundational vitality and awakening the body’s natural wisdom to seek and maintain balance.

Courtney Wren-Mabbutt, Masters of Clinical Social Work, is a therapist offering counselling in Nelson and Winlaw, British Columbia. She works with individuals, couples, children, and families. She is registered with the BC College of Social Workers. Courtney provides Somatic Psychotherapy offering an embodied-relational approach to healing. She is trained in
Somatic Experiencing, attachment/ bonding, Systemic/ Family Constellations, EMDR and nature-based healing/shamanism.

Heather Policelli, Registered Massage Therapist has been practicing since 2007. Passionate about creating a nurturing safe space for her clients, Heather, strongly believes in building a good foundation, and creating alignment for the intrinsic wisdom of the body to open to healing.

Heather has a contagious joy for life, which carries over to her practice and treatments.  She often finds herself and her clients in healing laughter during a session.  Heather listens to the needs of the clients with her heart, hands and ears – she also lets the body show her what it needs. Some of the modalities Heather works with include:  myofascial release, cranio-sacral, deep tissue, relaxation, trigger point therapy, essential oils, hydrotherapy, somatic therapy. Heather is delighted to be offering her service to the community.

Larry Zaleski, D.C. has been  in practice for over 30 years.  In the USA, Larry was a national instructor of Network Chiropractic where he taught about the philosophy and technique of releasing the body’s innate intelligence (natural  ability to heal). As a licensed Chiropractor, he uses a gentle honoring sequence to adjust spines and release vertebral subluxations from the Nervous System.  Larry believes that a clear nervous system is essential for health and well-being and he provides a relaxed &  safe environment which enhances the healing process whether you are working with symptoms, pain or are seeking well-being.

Lisa Delorme is a Metis woman, mother and Midwife and has a passion for empowering parents on their journey of growing their families, supporting gentle beginnings for the next generation. Lisa graduated in 2003 with a Chartered Herbalist Diploma from Dominion Herbal College and went on to formal midwifery education, graduating from Bastyr University in 2013 with a Master of Science in Midwifery. In 2014 she completed the International Midwifery Pre-registration Program at Ryerson University. Since then she has been working as a Registered Midwife. In 2017 Lisa started Colibri Midwifery to serve the families of the Slocan Valley and to provide culturally relevant care to Indigenous clients in the West Kootenays. As a Metis woman, Lisa is very involved in supporting the growth of Indigenous Midwifery in BC. She is co-chair of the Committee of Indigenous Birth for the Midwives Association of BC, she sits on the Aboriginal Committee for the College of Midwives of BC and is a proud member of the National Council of Aboriginal Midwives.

Sophie Richard R.Ac. is a licensed Acupuncturist and a NAET practitioner. She has been practicing for almost 10 years. She received her acupuncture diploma in Nelson, BC and her NAET certifications in Los Angeles, California. She offers Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Acupuncture, Tuina massage, Cupping and Moxa. She also offers NAET Allergy Therapy which stands for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique.  NAET specializes in eliminating allergies and sensitivities as well as allergy related conditions. Working directly with the body’s immunity by employing NAET and Traditional Chinese Medicine, this technique works to improve defense and healing mechanisms. Due to its gentle approach NAET is very easy to administer on children and babies.

Sue Mistretta, M.A.,CCC. has over 20 years of experience in the ”art of listening” and creatively responding to each of her client’s particular needs. Her counselling approach draws upon aspects of Cognitive, Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology and she often utilizes the Expressive Arts to assist people in moving through the challenging passages in life.  Sue’s style and unique tool bag has helped many people get the root of their issues in a safe and gentle way and has assisted many with uncovering their own inner resources and finding new perspectives in their life situations. Contact Sue if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, complicated grief, a health crisis, major life transition or simply are feeling stuck or un-inspired.

Emery Herbals is thrilled to be offering  access to holistic health care that encourages wellness and vitality, supporting our community to be vital and healthy. For more information please visit