Praise for Community Supported Wellness

Here is what some of our Community Supported Wellness participants have to say about our program:


I joined the Emery Herbal CSW in the spring of 2015.  I have now received three of the four shares for this year and have found each of them to be very helpful with my families over all wellness.  Colleen has managed to encompass all four of my family members’ health needs into the medicines provided in the seasonal shares. My older daughter and I have also enjoyed making medicines together, with the projects that are included every season.  I am so grateful for the continuous support Colleen has provided for us throughout the year, whenever someone in our family has had a health issue.  I feel that by joining the CSW, we have received a very good value for the medicines, support and learning experiences that are all included in the yearly rate.  

Kathy Sager



I have been using Emery Herbs for close to a year now.  What I find outstanding is the quality of their products.  The formulas are fresh and potent and good tasting and I find them far superior to any products that I have bought commercially.

Satisfied 2015 CSW Participant  



My husband and I have signed up with Colleen for the 4 season herbal remedies program. My husband has an illness and she has been extremely helpful providing her remedies for both of us. I have truly appreciated the additional knowledge she has provided for us.  Her wisdom offers in our case a great deal of comfort knowing she is the person to go to. We highly recommend this program to all who may find it. 

Anne de Nada 


Purchasing my wellness care for the year was a bit of a risk for me and my family but I have to say it was a very successful one. Not only were my needs met, but Colleen did everything she could to understand and meet the needs of my partner and children. I felt completely heard and taken care of. I would not hesitate to join this program again, and again. The value is superior and Colleen is a dream to work with! 

Busy Mom of 3