June 25, 2011 Colleen Emery

We are making progress. As our to do list gets ticked off I realize we are getting closer and closer to our moving date. Its an incredibly exciting time, mixed with a tinge of ‘OMG, what the hell are we doing?!?!’. But, 99.99% of the time I am in the zone of gratitude and happiness for this opportunity. Its a Wilderness Family mini series come to life.

We have downsized our books, packed what is going in storage and whittled our collection to represent what we think we will need/want while we are there. This is a big deal, we are all huge book lovers and we have successfully downsized four book shelves into three loosely packed shelves on a single book shelf. (Leaving room for those new books that may need to be brought home: there will be two awesome book stores just walking distance from the yurt for us to enjoy). This by far has been the biggest and most stressful amount of packing. The rest seems totally doable.

I have been busy making medicines and getting my stock ready to move. Husband has been getting his diesel Landcruiser tuned up and ready for rural life, including hopefully a conversion to veggie fuel in the future. Pickle finished her home school year with flying colours and is excited about re-entering school again in the fall this time in a quaint mountain school with about 70 kids in total. They even have a cross country ski day once a week in the winter. We are very excited for her and even more excited that she is excited.

We have a nice new chain saw compliments of my Dad and my Mom. A few years ago my Mom and Dad gifted us a chain saw for our 10th wedding anniversary. We just got around to getting that done. Somehow, I think that my Mom is watching us prepare for this journey with that special smile on her face. A mix and pride and of WTH?!?

And, my last and final attempt at figuring out how to blow dry my hair at the yurt has failed miserably. Not only do 12V blow dryers suck and contain lead but regular blow dyers actually emit radiation. I probably knew this but somehow managed to successfully block it out. I just taught a workshop on Radiation Protection and re-discovered this through my research. So, that solves it, I am going blow dryer free. To most of you this may not be such a big deal but for those of you that ‘get it’ please hold my virtual hand while I take the leap into natural dried hair territory. Adios 80’s big hair, hello natural wave and health.

Thats a little snap shot into our world right now. In a few weeks we head out to the valley to ‘buck’ all our fire wood for the winter. (Hope I am getting the lingo correct). Plus, we have a few other tasks in mind: pulling in power at the neighbour’s barn so we can have our freezers there, building a mudroom on the yurt to create more space and spending time at our favourite swim hole after long days work. There may be beer involved. Organic, local, micro brewed of course!

Happy Summer Blessings to everyone!!!

Where a glacial creek meets a river fed by a warm mountain lake.

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