Whether you are the Maiden, the Mother, or the Crone, or somewhere in between, this tea is meant for you.


Contains: Red Clover blossoms, Nettle leaf, Violet leaf, Chaste berry, Schisandra berry, Spearmint leaf, and Licorice root.


Uses: This fresh, complex tasting, sweet tea is helpful to all women at all ages. The synergistic quality of the herbs in this tea help balance and stabilize the rocky currents of being a Woman, whether in the Maiden, the Mother, or the Crone stage of life. Like a trusted friend, this tea wraps its arms around you and offers a place to lean during times of fatigue and imbalance. Savor its delicious, complex flavour while taking time for you.


Caution: Consult a qualified Practitioner for any outstanding health concerns or if you are pregnant or nursing prior to use.