Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward


Emery Herbals is committed to providing open access to consciously sourced botanicals, professional health services and empowering education experiences that encourage and cultivate sustained wellness. Our Pay it Forward Program is part of the success of this.


At times, access to health care is limited for some folks. This can be through by way of mental health and psychological barriers, living in poverty, cultural or religious issues, lack of family support, a deficiency of basic skills or education, being under-housed or underemployed, gender disparity or prejudice, and health care segregation to name a few.

After years of organizing sliding scales and reduced cost access, Emery Herbals is pleased to offer our Pay it Forward Program. The Program provides the financial means for folks who have barriers to wellness care and herbal and aromatic medicine education step into the support and find the care they need to improve their lives.

How does it work? 

Those are that more flush with the funds are welcome to donate to our fund throughout the check out process. Emery Herbals then matches every dollar donated. In addition to this Emery Herbals commits 5% of their revenue to the Pay it Forward fund.

The Pay it Forward Program fund to date has supported the following: 

💗 Offering scholarship registration in our Herbal and Aromatic Medicine Programming. In 2021 we offered BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ reduced registration supported with the Pay it Forward Fund to 5 eager students.

💗 Offering free access to workshops to those utilizing the program.

💗 We are able to offer all our Elders / Seniors of our community a 10% discount on all their medicines.

💗 We offer a monthly financial donation to the Blood of Life Collective, a group of Sinixt and settler activists, collaborating to support Sinixt resurgence.

💗 Offering access to Herbal and Aromatic Medicine consultation with Colleen Emery, Cl.H, RHT (BCHA). All consultation fees are waived for those utilizing the program.

💗 Offering discounted and/or free medicine access in our Botanical Dispensary for those utilizing the program.

If you are interested in accessing support through our program please contact Colleen via 

If you are keen to support our program please consider making a financial contribution. 

Thank you!