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Creating salves first began at Emery Herbals when Colleen Emery formulated and prepared a nourishing skin salve for her then new born babe in 2001.

Now two decades later, we have 5 tried and true salve offerings to share.

Our process to creating our salves begins with accessing farmer sourced botanicals, grown in biological correct environments and harvested at peak freshness. Our sourcing standard has been developed over the course of many years, working with providers and understanding the dynamic nature of herb farming.

It is with these ethical sourced herbs that we prepare botanically infused carrier oils are created in small batches in house utilizing a double extraction method.

A combination of botanically infused oils, beeswax, unbleached shea butter and ethically sourced essential oils, our salves are small batched prepared to ensure quality results, delivering the required essential oil dilution ratio accurately and safely.

Please consult a qualified health professional if you have any outstanding health conditions or you are pregnant or nursing prior to use.