Community Supported Wellness Program: One Season Share

Community Supported Wellness Program: One Season Share


Through the CSW program you will gain access to the herbal medicines necessary to encourage foundational wellness as well as the herbal education component designed to provide the tools needed to create the medicines yourself all within a sustainable, local, seasonal approach using the highest quality herbs, tinctures and essential oil product! Enrolment for Single Season Shares are subject to availability.  We have limited availability for Seasonal Shares. Please contact us for more information. 



The CSW program each Season includes: 

Health & Wellness Consultation with Master Herbalist & Clinical Aromatherapist, Colleen Emery 

A custom consultation will be conducted  to touch base and see how things are going not only for you, but for your family members too if this applies. Colleen can conduct your consult on the phone, online or in person.Receive support from Colleen Emery, Master Herbalist, to discuss your personal health picture and identify strategies that will help you build your foundational wellness. The information gathered will be used to help Colleen formulate your medicines for your seasonal share of the CSW.

Value: $ 75

7 Herbal Medicines 

At Emery Herbals we have access to a wide variety of high quality, locally grown and/or sustainably wild harvested herbs. Using these resources we will create a variety of medicines ready to support your wellness through a seasonal approach.You can look forward to receiving tinctures, oxymels, glycerites, salves, creams, essential oil blends, infusion and decoction blends and so much more. Each medicine arrives with the necessary instructions and dosage suggestions.Your formulations, herbs and medicines are determined by you with the assistance of Colleen. Perhaps you need to stock your herb pantry or are looking for a bulk amount of one herb. Maybe you need a custom formula to assist you with a health concern. Whatever your needs and/or wants are they will be met with care, attention and consideration.

7 Medicines Value: $ 250

Herbal Learning Bundle & Medicine Making ProjectAlong with your medicines comes home a learning bundle that helps grow and deepen your connection with the herb world. Every season we deepen our herb knowledge by immersing into the medicine of a Herb. A portion of the Herb, fresh when possible arrives home in your bundle along with a thorough write up from Colleen, recipes and instructions for us, plus supplies to create unique medicines with the herb.

Herbal Learning Bundle Value: $ 50

Total  Investment for the Community Supported Wellness Program Single Season Share: $225

We value our CSW shareholders and acknowledge the amazing benefit we gain by having the support of these generous clients. Fees for each share are due upon registration.  Seasonal Shares are subject to Availability.  Please contact us for more details.