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Holistic Herbalism Advanced Clinical Program

Welcome to the Holistic Herbalism Advanced Clinical Class October 2020 – December 2021.

Please make yourself acquainted with this online classroom experience!

Materials 10/20 – 3/21

No Class February 15, 2021

Materials 4/21 – 8/21

April 5, 2021

No Class Today: Student Check in Calls. All time listed in PST.

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 594 507 8853
Passcode: Consult


8 AM Nikola

8:30  AM Rachel

9 AM Amy

9:30 AM Nicole

10 AM Sophie

10:30 AM Patrick

11 AM Sheena

11:30 AM Nancy

Noon: Cheryl

12:30 AM Gina

Shelley is booked at another time.




May 3, 2021

ZOOM link for Q and A will be emailed at the start of class.

Case Study TD

Calendula: Calendula officinalis monograph

Shephard’s Purse: Capsella bursa-pastoris monograph

Red Root: Ceanothus americanus monograph

The last 100 years of Herbal Medicine Practice: Lecture Only (no notes or powerpoint aka bring your pen and notepad)

HHA Origins WH Part C: Learning from History Pulling it all Together PP

Special Viewing of the Healing Herb: A Film about Nature, Health and Community.




May 24, 2021

No Class today, enjoy your break!





May 31, 2021

Case Study JC

Materia Medica:

Fennel: Foeniculum vulgare monograph

Bladderwrack: Fucus vesiculosus monograph

Cleavers: Galium aparine monograph


Curriculum Outline: May 31st – June 28th

Assessment Tools Overview: Text and Resource Recommendation

Assessment Tools: Tongue, Face, Hand / Nail, Iris / Sclera / Pupil, Mucous, Urine / Stool: Handout

Assessment Tools: Tongue, Face, Hand / Nail, Iris / Sclera / Pupil, Mucous, Urine / Stool: Powerpoint: This file was emailed to students on 5.28. File too large to upload to classroom.


July 5, 2021

No Class Today, Enjoy your Break!

July 26, 2021

Case Study TD



Passiflora incarnata / Passion Flower monograph

Piscidia piscipula / Jamaica Dogwood monograph

Plantago major / Plantain monograph

Polygonatum biflorum  / Solomon’s Seal monograph

Prunus serotina / Wild Cherry monograph

Rhodiola rosea / Rhodiola monograph

Rosa canina/spp / Rose monograph


Please note: Nutritional Supplement class will be recorded on July 27th

at 1 pm. The link to the materials and the recording will be available in the August 2nd tab.

Materials 9/21 – 12/21

September 6, 2021

No Class Today, Enjoy your break!

HHA Class Schedule September – December

Newly Updated on September 7th


September 13, 2021

HHA Class Schedule September – December  Newly updated on Sept. 7th.

Case Study Rachel  Formula Homework 1 Starts Today

The Art of Herbal Medicine Formulation Powerpoint Corrected

Guide to Formula Homework

Formula Homework PDF Fillable Template

Materia Medica Tissue Affinity Summary Sheets Version One

Materia Medica Tissue Affinity Sheets Ver. 2

Please note: Version Two has been edited with a general guideline in each sheet as to what constitutes a builder (+), neutral (0) and an eliminator (-). Additionally,  a column has been added for you to categorize each individual herb in on each sheet.

I would recommend you use Version 2 at this time.


No Theme today to allow for more time for formulation instruction

October 11, 2021

No class today, enjoy your break!


Today’s Live Stream

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Holistic Herbalism Advanced Clinical Program Quizes

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Please note: Quiz #8 will be marked manually by Colleen after the quiz deadline has passed. Final quiz marks will be emailed to each student.

Feedback Questionnaire

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