To Yurt or not to Yurt?

To Yurt or not to Yurt?
May 26, 2011 Colleen Emery

Confession: I borrowed the title of this post from my friend Michelle. But its very fitting as its been the question on this MountainHerb family’s mind for the last few months. Quite amazingly we have been offered an incredible opportunity to ‘Yurt Sit” our friends’ property while they travel overseas for the school year. This property is just a quick drive up the road from ours and is situated on the edge of the most idyllic little mountain village.

The Yurt property itself is completely off the grid, has battery power for a little bit of electricity, as in 1000 WATTS kind of electricity. (meaning I have to say a sad goodbye to my blowdryer, sniff sniff). The batteries, when low, are then charged by a little generator. There is propane heated outdoor running water, an outdoor wood fired galvanized tub for bathing, a rustic outhouse and a beautiful stand of old growth trees to love and admire.

Inside the Yurt is a good sized wood stove that will provide the heat for us in cold weather. But, this isn’t the type of cold I have lived with my whole life, as in -45 celsius type of winter cold. This is more like -15 type of cold. Its a small living space but the way the owners have it organized provides some private space.

So, back at Treasure map time, Husband and I did major soul searching and discovered we are ready. We are ready. Ready to radically change our lives and take our family on an adventure. Enough City living. We are over it. We are grateful to the City in all ways, it has provided an abundant life for us and helped us earn the tools to survive outside conventional life but we are ready to be near our land and live out our dream. We went to bed that night envisioning our life changing. Quite literally the next day the email came from our friends with the offer of the Yurt.

I hope you all join me in this transition. I hope to share the good and the challenging moments here. Its gonna be an incredible journey. So in answer to the question, To Yurt or not to Yurt, definitely to Yurt.

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