WAHM, 1 Car, Quinoa

WAHM, 1 Car, Quinoa
February 25, 2011 Colleen Emery

I am a WAHM. That sounds funny, doesn’t it? WAHM is an acronym meaning ‘work at home Mom’ and its quite the growing trend. I have been working out of my home now for 9 years, only one year, this past year, has been full time. Up to a year ago I always maintained a out of the home job as well (which has its own acronym WOHM). I really love being a work at home Mom. Working from the home and for yourself provides such freedom and offers such flexibility for family life. I am especially grateful to be working from the home on a day like today when its -30 C.

We are one vehicle family, which in this big city is kind of a rarity. Many factors go into the reason we only have one car, biggest being we want to tread lightly on the earth. Since Husband works out of the home (a WOHD, not really an acronym, just made that up), he gets the car when his job site is too far too bike. That leaves the Pickle and I to figure out our outings based on alternative modes of transport. I am grateful we do this. Its teaches not only me a great deal but it also teaches the Pickle so many things. I love that she is 9 and can figure out what bus to take and what bus to transfer with to get somewhere outside of our neighborhood. I am grateful she suggests that we hop on our bikes, whether permitting, and ride up the forsaken hill to the library. I am especially grateful that she doesn’t even balk at the fact that we walk as transport in this weather. She just gets ‘geared’ as we like to put it in our family. I often reflect on the fact that if we had access to a vehicle on a regular basis would my kid be as hardy as she is?

Gratitude always comes for me for food. Today I am grateful for Quinoa. I love Quinoa, its been a staple in our home for a long long time. In fact, back in the late nineties, Husband and I tried to grow Quinoa in our love garden in the land of Bridges to varied success. I am grateful to have a grain that is high in protein, delicious and super versatile and easy to make. I especially love to sprout it. But I try to sprout most things so this isn’t too surprising. My pal Jenn Chic made a chocolate flour free cake with it, I think that is amazing! She is amazing too, you should check out her blog, to the left in the blog area. (( I must fix the link feature!! ))

I may or may not be back on the weekend as its a big weekend around here. Husband turns 40 and Pickle is attending her first winter camp away from home. I will be back next week though, sharing my gratitude and other thoughts. Big love all round.