September 10, 2010 Colleen Emery

As I mentioned in my last post, things have been rocky for this Mountain Family. Its been a year of serious transitions. We had a plan to move to our land and this was quickly altered when we found out my Mom was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She passed away this summer and our family is regrouping and healing. Thank you to all of you who were so kind in sending cards, emailing, stopping in with flowers and hugs. Every single kind gesture was like a set of hands holding us up and supporting us through this. Thank You.

The stress of losing a parent cannot be probably conveyed other than to say it changes you on the deepest level of your being. Staying present throughout this journey was a goal that was very important to me; I didn’t want to cover my feelings and suppress them into my body. My support in this was acupuncture. Those that know me are used to me singing the praises of the needles. My weekly and then twice and three times weekly treatments were what kept me strong, sane, centered and healthy when all I knew to be true and right was slowly, bit by bit, changing to be forever different.

I have my treatments in a traditional ‘community based’ acupuncture setting. I believe the collective energy in the room elevates the treatment and makes the session that much worth while. Check it out, community based clinics are becoming more and more popular.

My sister and I with my Mom, circa 1976.