Building Resiliency

Building Resiliency
February 10, 2015 Colleen Emery

Building Resiliency and Adaptability in Children and creating strong Foundational Health as been a huge passion of mine since the early days of my ‘career’ in herbs and such. Years ago when our Freya was just a wee babe and I had just finished writing my thesis for Wild Rose College I was approached by a dear and wonderful friend to create a workshop that would help families stay well in this ever-changing modern world. Out of this initial afternoon spent with several Moms and kids I created The Home Herbal Helper.

Since then, over the past decade I have gone on to teach and evolve this workshop to focus on how to create resiliency in our children in an effort to build their ability to adapt to our complex world. I am so excited to be teaching it again on Saturday, February 21st. All the details can be found through Slocan Valley Recreation or by calling 250 226 0008. There will be a big emphasis in this class on common childhood illnesses, what to include in your home herbal kit and how to empower yourself to take care of your kids when they are sick.

Without further adieu here is the article I wrote for the Valley Voice on this very topic. Article goes to press tomorrow. Enjoy!

Building Adaptability & Resiliency in Children

It’s that time of year again where the perpetual cycle of runny noses and chesty coughs come through the home. It can be frustrating when it seems like your children just get well enough to head back to school only to bring home another cold or flu bug the next day. Life long foundational health is built-in Childhood. How we support the health of our little ones determines their adaptability and resiliency throughout their lifetime. Incorporating strategies that build strength in our young ones can result in shorter episodes of immune suppression and stronger resiliency towards illness in the future.

TOP 5 strategies to build Adaptability and Resiliency in Children

1) Establish a regular rhythm with your home structure. What time do your children go to sleep, wake up, and have their meals? A peaceful flow to your daily routine ensures low levels of stress in your children and allows for harmonious development of their cellular structures.

2) Limit exposure to known and suspected toxins and environmental stressors. Do you sleep with your wireless signal on in the house? What kind of cleaning products are used? What is the toxicity footprint for your family? Because a child’s cell level is rapidly reproducing its essential to limit exposure to toxins that can negatively affect this.

3) Consume a whole-foods, local, low impact diet. Teach your children where their food comes from, how it is grown and how to properly prepare food from scratch. Incorporate traditional food preparation techniques such as fermentation and sprouting. Eat a family meal at the end of the day where gratitude can be shared for all things.

4) Amplify the Immune System with supportive herbs and supplements. Teaching children when and why to include herbs and supplements in their routine will create a life long relationship with preventative medicine. Consider developing a healing team for your family that includes practitioners such as chiropractic, massage therapists and naturopathic doctors.

5) Nurture a child’s connection with nature. Children have a direct relationship with nature that supports and sustains their development. Activity in nature everyday is paramount to building resiliency and adaptability in our kids. Many studies now report that time spent in nature reduces stress levels, boost immune system function, lengthens attention spans, increases serotonin levels and improves sleep plus so much more.

Interested to hear more? Join Colleen Emery for her upcoming workshop: Natural Strategies for Family Wellness hosted by Slocan Valley Recreation on Saturday, February 21st from 12:30 – 3pm Call 250 226 0008 to sign up.

Colleen Emery, Master Herbalist and owner of Emery Herbals in Winlaw is passionate about offering access to information that enables individuals and families to be self-sufficient and take charge of their personal wellness.