Feather Beds, Public Libraries, Essential Oils

Feather Beds, Public Libraries, Essential Oils
February 18, 2011 Colleen Emery

One of the major plusses of homeschooling is that you are exposed to less viruses, bugs and germs that are circulating amongst the masses. Rarely does our family get sick, knock on all wood available. Sure, we do tons of preventative stuff, being that I am a Master Herbalist, there is always some type of concoction brewing close at hand.

However, the Husband works at the international airport and is day in and day out exposed to the gamut of international bugs. Last week, he succumbed to a nasty bug and then, being the generous sort he is, passed it on to the Pickle and me.

Being that we rarely get sick, I actually felt gratitude for the slow down, the reason to climb into our deliciously comfortable bed with our lovely pillow top and finally and completely devour the stack of library books on their forth renewal. Our companion in bed that day was my proprietary essential oil blend, Breathe Easy. And indeed we did breathe easy. What a special, quiet time, so grateful for these times that truly show us the ebb and flow of life.

So grateful.