Apprenticeship was once a rich part of a healthy learning experience. Working side by side with a skilled mentor was the experiential education necessary to hone one’s craft. The history of passing on knowledge and gifts from generation to generation has more than begun to fade in our culture. Somewhere along the line education was scaled back in an effort to economize. Apprenticeship based learning takes time, isn’t the cost effective model of mass education. As learning moved into the classroom, empiric learning in the field was compromised. We traded experiential learning for a more standardized but less potent education.

Having had a rich and involved mentorship in her early training, Colleen Emery, Master Herbalist, is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and committed to helping a new generation of people who are inspired to ensure that every family and community is wholistically supported.

Colleen offers a three-level apprenticeship program designed to support and nurture the aspiring Herbalist by offering mentorship through several different experiential opportunities. The goal of the Apprentice Program is to provide the Herbalist access to training to further deepen their knowledge of plant medicine in all capacities, yielding a proficient and capable Herbalist ready for practice.

The Emery Herbals Apprenticeship program has a timeline that meets the needs and goals of the herbalist in training. Some of our apprentices stay with us for 1 – 2 years while others have continued for several years for a rich and deep experience of learning while they actualize their own expression of professional herbal practice.

The Apprentice Program is currently full for the 2018 – 2019 term. Applications for the 2019 – 2020 term will be accepted from February through to May of 2019. The Apprenticeship program is subject to availability and may not intake every year.