Apprenticeship is a rich part of a healthy learning experience. Working side by side with a skilled mentor provides the experiential education necessary to hone one’s craft. The history of passing on knowledge and gifts from generation to generation has more than begun to fade in our culture. Somewhere along the line education was scaled back in an effort to economize. Apprenticeship based learning takes time, isn’t the cost effective model of mass education. As learning moved into the classroom, empiric learning in the field was compromised. We traded experiential learning for a more standardized but less potent education.

Having had a rich and involved mentorship in her early training, Colleen Emery is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and committed to helping a new generation of people who are inspired to ensure that every family and community is holistically supported.

Colleen offers an apprenticeship program designed to support and nurture the aspiring Herbalist by offering mentorship through several different experiential opportunities. The goal of the Apprentice Program is to provide the Herbalist access to training to further deepen their knowledge of plant medicine in all capacities, yielding a proficient and capable Herbalist ready for practice whether this is a clinical profession, community herbalist or herbal enthusiast.

Some of our apprentices stay with us for 1 – 2 years while others have continued for several years for a rich and deep experience of learning while they actualize their own expression of professional herbal practice.

If you are interested in our apprenticeship program you are most welcome to email your up to date resume and with a cover letter detailing why you are seeking out this program and why you would like to learn with Colleen.


The Emery Herbals Apprenticeship program has three different opportunities for mentorship. 

Interested students are asked to review the requirements of the specific program opportunity of interest and follow the provided instructions to apply.


This opportunity offers a wonderful engagement with the foundations of herbalism and herbal medicine study. This position in our apprenticeship is perfect for the person who is wanting hands on activity at the workshop and medicine making level, assisting Colleen with weekly activities as well as having an option to assist and attend various workshops.

Perhaps you are a student of herbalism that is keen to learn all about medicine making, harvesting and processing herbs and provide holistic health support for your family at home.

This opportunity is ideal for the individual who enjoys being with the public, going on herb walks, medicine making, harvesting herbs and being of support during workshops of all kinds.

This is a volunteer position that offers huge rewards for the person who seeks it out.

To enquire about this program please contact Colleen directly at with your most up to date resume and cover letter detailing why this position is a fit and what you have to offer and hope to gain through apprenticing with Colleen.

Please note the Community Apprentice Positions have been filled for 2022. 


Perhaps you have already been studying with Colleen in one or more of her workshops and programs and are keen to work in the business of herbalism. Emery Herbals Botanical Dispensary offers an apprenticeship to those that desire to earn a living wage in exchange for their work in the day to day business tasks of a complex and exciting herbal apothecary.

This unique opportunity offers the option to the aspiring herbalist to earn a contract flat rate in exchange for assisting in the day to day operations of the Emery Herbals Botanical Dispensary. The advantage of this position is the daily exposure to the dynamic flow of preparing and dispensing custom formulas and assisting Colleen in all the operations of a herbal medicine retail shop.

The prerequisites of this position are: 

  • Completion of a minimum of one term of the Community Apprentice Position
  • Completion of the Holistic Herbalism Foundations Program
  • Completion of the Art of Aromatherapy: Essential Oil Intensive
  • Previous applicable retail experience in the Health and Wellness Sector

For more information on requirements and prerequisites, availability and application process please email with your resume that includes a cover letter.

Please include:

  • A description of your herbal education to date
  • A summary of your herbal medicine goals
  • Three applicable industry references
  • Why you are seeking apprenticeship with Colleen

Please note the Apothecary Apprentice Positions have been filled for 2022. 


Supervised clinical practice is the final step in training to become a professional herbalist in clinical practice. Whether your interest is in gaining the appropriate supervised clinic hours to register with a herbal organization and/or to hone and fine tune your clinical skill set, this apprenticeship opportunity offers exposure to the array of experiences including:

  • Intake Procedures & Paperwork
  • Client Interviews
  • Physical Evaluation
  • Note Taking and Filing
  • Treatment Protocols
  • Formulation Techniques and Compounding
  • Case Study management
  • And More!

Students will shadow Colleen in her clinical practice and assist in the responsibilities of a professional herbal practice.

For more information on requirements and prerequisites, cost, availability and application process please email with your resume that includes a cover letter.

Please include:

  • A description of your herbal education to date
  • A summary of your herbal medicine goals
  • Three applicable industry references
  • Why you are seeking apprenticeship with Colleen

Please note this option is also offered through Wild Rose College as part of their Herbalist training program. Please visit this link for more information. 

The Clinical Apprentice position is currently open for application and welcoming folks to get involved. Please stay tuned as well for our Student Clinic opportunity operating once monthly in Winlaw beginning in July of 2022.


Please Note: All applicants to the apprenticeship program will be asked to complete a standard background check and to sign a non-disclosure agreement.