The Essentials.

The Essentials.
November 20, 2009 Colleen Emery

Its Friday and you know what that means, Friday Herb Fest! Well, I forgive you if you don’t remember, it has been a long time since I actually put up an entry for Friday Herb Fest on a Friday! This blogging thing takes some effort! Seems lately just completing the ‘living’ part of the blog experience takes up most of my time. 😉

Remember how the Pickle caught the flu last week? Well, she has fully recovered, knock on wood! This fall I have been helping many of my clients get their tickle trunk of herbs and supplements together for the impending flu and cold season that is now upon us. Its been a long long time since the Pickle has been so sick, last time being when she was a mere two years old. So, having the ability to apply all that I was suggesting in a practical situation was priceless to me as a Master Herbalist and as a Mom.

One of the items we used with the Pickle was an aromatherapy blend of mine called Breathe Easy. I just love essential oils, the very concentrated distillates of herbs. Unique in their alchemic energetics, essential oils provide a vast array of healing options. They work to heal all three levels of health to wellness. The breathe easy blend is amazing because it thins out mucous and helps to calm coughing as well as calming down the child or the adult! Many Essential oils are anti-microbial and actually clean the air that they float in. They are very light molecules and when given the right circumstances can fly in the air and travel throughout the room. There are many books and information sources out there about essential oils. Schnaubelt, Rose, Valnet are all authors to look for or if you are in the Cowtown area you should consider taking a blending class with aroma-guru Blaine Andrusek.

Lovely Lavender

Lovely Lavender

Its very rare that I will go anywhere without my travel case of essential oils and blends. At the very least I will have a small bottle of tea tree in my pocket. Because essential oils have the ability to clean the air surrounding you they become crucial to have when in high density situations such as transit. Just putting a couple of drops on your hands and briskly rubbing them together then waving them about is enough to provide you with a barrier to all the airborne germs. Doing this does attract attention, no question, but at least you have your invisible shield in place to combat all those floating sneezed and coughed out droplets.

On another note I want to give a shout out to my friends Raina and Tim. In one week they will be moving into their home which they built themselves. I am so thrilled for them. You can see all the pictures of their beautiful home here on their website. Being witness to their journey has given Husband and I so much insight into the process of natural building! What a process it is. Congratulations you guys! You are a true inspiration.

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