The seventh instalment of the HHF program will be offered in 2025 

Enrolment details to be announced soon! 

Registration for this program is capped at a total of 15 students with 5 onsite seats available, 10 seats available in the online classroom access. 

The world of Herbalism is vast and multi-faceted. There are many ways to perceive and observe the magical plant world and all its medicinal offerings. Herbal Modalities such Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Eclectic & Vitalistic Herbalism, Traditional Western Herbalism, Plant Spirit Medicine & Folk Herbalism all have amazing wisdom to offer us.

The Emery Herbals Holistic Herbalism Foundations Program was born out of a desire to take several of these ‘lenses’ to create a foundation to explore the healing world with. By first creating a solid understanding of some of these approaches to Herbalism one is able to draw from that mosaic in an effort to study, learn, research and practice plant medicine.

Program Overview

Our Holistic Herbalism Foundations Program offers a learning experience that combines both classroom learning alongside experiential hands on learning. Participants will be guided through a complete immersion to each theme presented, being given all access to materials and information to support the deepening of connections to the plant world. Students are required to complete the program content for each learning module, returning the following class for the next immersion into their learning. This program has been built to be exponential, one module layering the next, creating a deep and enriching program.

The seventh instalment of this program will offer onsite and online access for students.

All classes will be live-streamed in real time with interactive engagement for the onsite classroom. Classes are recorded and available for students to access after the class to re-watch and deepen their connection to the content.

10 Classes will run on Saturdays from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

2025 Program Date TBA 

It is estimated that the student of The Holistic Herbalism Foundations Program will need to incorporate a minimum of 4 hours of home study per week above the classroom time commitments to meet the learning requirements of the program.

Curriculum Details

Each month we have a different theme to sink into, learn and experience

Building our Foundation: Part One 

We will be exploring the concepts of Traditional Western Herbalism through an overview of Modern Herbalism History, The Taste of Herbs, Herbal Actions & Energetics, plus Basic TCM principles, and much more!

Building our Foundation: Part Two 

We will continue to explore the concepts of Traditional Western Herbalism through learning of the Qualities and Tissue States, Bio-Chemical Families, plus engage with Basic Ayurvedic principles, and much more!

Our Next Step is to explore our our newly learned foundation through navigating the human body systems via foundational anatomy and physiology, a 50 part materia medica, preventative wellness strategies and potential imbalances that may arise.

This includes: 

  • Digestive System
  • Lymphatic and Immune System
  • Circulatory & Respiratory System
  • Nervous & Endocrine Systems

All throughout our program we will be focusing on connecting with plant medicine from a foundational perspective through plant walks, botany study, plant meditations, medicine preparation and more!

This very experiential class connects students to the foundational toolbox to create a learning outcome that is deeply rewarding and sustaining for further connection to the plant world.

Course Requirements

Prerequisites to taking this program include a keen interest in the plant world and an open mind and heart for learning.

Those participants of the program who wish to gain a certificate of completion for the Holistic Herbalism Foundations Program are required to complete a monthly quiz and submit final papers/projects within the due date provided.

This course provides 125 hours of in classroom instruction with a 125 hour estimate of home study for a combined 250 hours of herbal education. 

Registration Details 

Included in the Cost of the Program

  • Over 125 hours of in-classroom instruction
  • All course materials available for download
  • A Materia Medica study of over 50 herbs with a Sample Herb Library for each student
  • Access to all video recordings of live classes
  • 10% off purchases in the Botanical Dispensary from time of enrolment to June of 2026
  • BCHA Student Membership
  • Successful Completion of this program grants student access to register for the Holistic Herbalism Advanced Clinical Study Program


Total Investment for the program is TBA

We offer scholarship positions for BIPOC LGBTQ2+ individuals.

Onsite access is capped at 5 students. 

Online registration is capped at 10 students. 

Individual payments arrangements are welcome. All payment arrangements are subject to a non-refundable $250 fee for holding the students place in class. Payment in full secures registration. All fees are due within 30 days of the start of the program. 

The Holistic Herbalism Foundations Program offers both onsite, in person registration as well as online access  through our online classroom. All classes are streamed in realtime and are interactive.

Please contact learn@emeryherbals.com for more details.

Click this link to be taken to the registration area. 


Student Testimonials 

The Holistic Herbalism Program is a solid stepping stone for the study of herbs, and their energetics, from a West-meets-East perspective. The program also sets the stage for a self-reflective journey about health and preventative wellness. Colleen Emery is a fountain of knowledge, wisdom, and compassion – an experienced guide in walking the plant path!

Ellissa Crête Dr.TCM 2021 Program Graduate 

Colleen Emery’s Holistic Herbalism Foundations was the education I needed to understand the herbal books that were filling up my bookshelves, and utilize the medicinal plants that seemed to be accumulating in my gardens.  Her holistic, inclusive approach to teaching provides a well rounded education that grounds you both in modern scientific understanding of plant medicine alongside traditional use.  Colleen’s teachings proved so useful to me in expanding my use of my books and gardens that I enrolled in the program twice, gaining even more knowledge my second time through.  I feel confident using many herbs with myself, family and friends.  I am grateful to have a strong foundation in which to build on for my future herbal studies. 

Cheryl Cook, 2019 and 2020 Program Graduate


Colleen Emery is a wonderful, kind and very knowledgable teacher.  I enjoyed the Holistic Herbalism Foundations program very very much, and my thirst for herbal knowledge was kicked into high gear and I haven’t stopped learning since!

Heather MacMillan 2019 Program Graduate 


I signed up for Colleen’s Holistic Herbal Course hoping to better understand how to incorporate herbal medicine into my life. The course wildly succeeded all my expectations and I feel eternally grateful to have Colleen as a teacher.

First of all, Colleen’s knowledge base continually blows me away. It is as though she is tapped into a universal stream of knowledge, because it flows effortlessly and it is vast.

The program itself is organized into digestible components that build on one another. Even now that the program has ended, I find my knowledge of herbal medicine still growing, thanks to the system of learning I took away from the program. I will be out in my garden, or walking past trees while doing errands, or on a forest walk, and find myself making connections and having “ah-ha!” moments.

I used to feel intimidated about the world of herbal medicine. Now, I feel empowered, and safe, to make my own medicines for my family and myself. I feel more in control of my health and well-being. My relationship with plants has deepened, and my whole world feels more alive. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.

Raelynn Gibson 2018 Program Graduate


For anyone who has an interest in plants and plant medicine I highly recommend Colleen Emery’s 8 month Holistic Herbalism Course. I really can’t say enough good things about my experience. I have taken several different workshops with Colleen over the years and really love her warm and embracing teaching style. This woman knows how to share knowledge and walks her walk in the community! From understanding body systems, to the herbs and their actions and application this course surpassed my expectations. I have been able to implement many of the herbs and practices I learnt into my everyday life – this has benefited not only myself, but my family and friends. An added and unexpected bonus was having something sunny and bright to look forward to every month during the long winter months.

Renata Crowe 2018 Program Graduate 


I found the Holistic Herbalism Course a comprehensible and easily digestible way to understand health and wellness at large. Having each module based around a body system (ie. the digestive system, or the nervous system etc) gave me the visuals and the tools I needed to interpret the health of myself and my family in a way that felt empowering. Having this transformational learning occur in the supportive circle of people who very quickly became friends, deepened and enriched the whole experience.

Carina Klassen 2017 Program Graduate 


Colleen Emery brings forth a program rich in knowledge, encompassing a well-rounded approach to traditional and new age information. The Holistic Herbalism Program far surpassed my expectations, expanding my personal experience and deepening my relationship to the Herb world. Colleen is enthusiastic and passionate in her work and directly delivers that to her student body, making her an excellent teacher and mentor. Her added experience in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy and Iridology thoroughly compliments the course outline. I highly recommend this program to anyone with a curiosity to learn and understand our intrinsic relationship to the Plant Kingdom.

Lewana Benson  2019 Program Graduate


The Holistic Herbalism Foundations Program taught by Colleen was a mind blowing experience for me. I’d been dabbling in herbal lore for years and decided I wanted something deeper. The Holistic Foundations Course offers depths I’m still swimming in with water wings on. Not only is the information infinite, Colleen is an absolute gem to learn from. She is so passionate about sharing what she knows and, she knows A LOT. How this magnificent woman remembers all she does is beyond me. Her delivery of the information is accessible and filled with passion and wisdom. I highly recommend this program to anyone, at any level of herbal study. Just to be in the presence of a human who cares so deeply is an experience of it’s own. Thank you Colleen, for your grace, your kindness, and for sharing your gifts with us. 

Erica Breau 2018 and 2019 Program Graduate